Apartment block collapses in Turkey

Apartment block collapses in Turkey

An eight-storey apartment block has collapsed in the Turkish city of Istanbul, killing one person, while other people were injured or are trapped beneath rubble.

Video from a residential area in the city’s Kartal district shows rescuers at work around a mound of debris.
Reports suggest at least four people may be missing, and a number of cars were also buried in rubble.

The cause of the disaster on Wednesday afternoon was not immediately known.

A textile workshop on the building’s lower floor was empty at the time, local official Zeki Dag told local media.

Firefighters, medics and police officers rushed to the scene, and at least one injured woman has been rescued.

As they searched the pile of rubble, rescuers occasionally appealed for quiet to listen for any sounds coming from underneath that might indicate trapped survivors.

Source : IANS

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