Android Attack: Opening this text message will delete everything on your phone

Android Attack: Opening this text message will delete everything on your phone

If you own an Android smartphone you need to be aware of a dangerous new virus that’s doing the rounds. The piece of cyber trickery named Mazar, can give hackers administrator rights to the smartphone. This can then allow them to wipe handsets clean, make calls, or even read your text messages.

Security firm Heimdal, who first detected the malware, believes the malicious text messages could have already been sent to more than 100,000 smartphones. Currently, phones in Denmark seem to have taken the brunt of the attack and it’s not clear whether the malware has spread to other countries.

What makes Mazar serious is that it is transmitted via a text. Once opened, the malware then downloads onto the smartphone which are then open to a number of different threats. Attackers can remotely monitor activity on the device, erase personal data, send and receive messages, or make calls to premium numbers.

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