American Model shrinks her waist to 16 inches: Pictures

Sculpted her body by wearing corset for the past 7 years.

American Model shrinks her waist to 16 inches: Pictures

A 27-year-old model in New York, obsessed with the hour-glass figures of her comic book characters, started ‘waist training’ seven years ago. She used a steel-boned tight-laced corset to shrink her waist, according to a DailyMail report. Kelly Lee Dekay, who studies fashion and works as a fetish model, says she was a tomboy growing up and that corset training helped her overcome childhood shyness.

Her obsession with waist sculpting was not without its share of problems, though. She struggled with some physical tasks, such as climbing stairs, lifting weights or training in the gym. However, she has no plans of giving it up as yet, as she claims she ‘loves modifying’.

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