After Paris Jihadi Attacks, Northern Italy Bans Burka

After Paris Jihadi Attacks, Northern Italy Bans Burka

Muslim women will be banned from wearing Islamic face coverings – such as the niqab and hijab – in hospitals and local government buildings in Lombardy from the New Year. The northern Italian region has agreed the ban to make it harder for Islamists to carry out terror attacks in the wake of last month’s Paris massacre – which killed 130 people.

Italy follows France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland in introducing a ban on the burka. The northern Swiss region of Ticino agreed a ban to stop Islamic fundamentalists developing a separate, parallel Islamic society within the country last month.

Lawmakers in Germany’s biggest state Bavaria are also considering making the the tradition clothing illegal.

But a ban still seems unlikely in Britain. Tory MP Philip Hollobone tried to introduce a law to ban the burka in Britain on several occasions – but it has always faltered in Parliament after failing to win Government backing.

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