25-year-old Chinese woman killed by train while taking selfie in Sri Lanka

25-year-old Chinese woman killed by train while taking selfie in Sri Lanka

A young Chinese woman who was travelling on foot-board of the special express train from Galle to Colombo has met with an accident. Ambalangoda Police said that the woman slipped from the foot-board in front of the Madampe Railway Station.

  • Woman, 25, was killed while taking a selfie
  • She had been travelling on foot-board with her friend
  • Victim wanted to get a photo when slipped from the foot-board 

The deceased is a young 25 year old Chinese woman named Chen Yashi. Ambalangoda Police said that she has met with the accident while travelling on foot-board with her friend. She has hit a platform of the Madampe Railway Station and fallen into the rail track. She has met with the accident when she was trying to take a selfie while travelling on the foot-board of the train.

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