A freak ball of lightning has exploded at a farm in China killing 170 pigs

A freak ball of lightning has exploded at a farm in China killing 170 pigs

CHINA: Farmer’s wife Jun Li, 48, was hurt when a rare lightning ball struck at the pig farm in southern China’s Hunan province.

She said: “It was like a big ball of fire, but it suddenly split into two forks that hot the rails scorching the animals.

“I saw all sorts of colours before my eyes and I couldn’t see anything properly for at least 10 minutes afterwards.

“My left eye was also left blackened and my foot was bleeding.”

Ball lightning is an electrical phenomenon that occurs during thunderstorms when a usually spherical object slowly floats to the ground before exploding often with devastating effects.

The ball of lightning struck metal railings, sending a massive charge through the entire building containing 400 pigs.

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