500 KG: Is this 36-year-old the world’s heaviest woman?

500 KG: Is this 36-year-old the world’s heaviest woman?

An Egyptian woman by the name of Iman Ahmad Abdulati, is being considered the fattest woman alive. Weighing 500 kilograms, the 36-year-old woman has not moved out of her house in Alexandria since the past 25 years. She is unable to move or even roll over on the bed because of her size.

She is entirely dependent upon her mother and sister to help her perform everyday tasks like eating food, changing clothes, keeping herself clean and relieving herself.

As per reports, Iman was diagnosed with elephantiasis soon after she was born. Her birth weight was a staggering 5 kilograms.

Elephantiasis is a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in a person’s limbs and arms.

As per the Daily Mail, physicians have also described Iman’s condition as a ‘disruption of the glands’, meaning her body stores and retains more water than it should.

Because of her heavy weight even as a baby, Iman learned to get around using her hands. At 11 years of age, she had become too heavy and couldn’t stand to support her weight, which is why she crawled to get around the house.

Iman suffered a cerebral stroke when she was in primary school and has been bed-ridden ever since. She had to drop out of school, but her weight didn’t stop rising.

Now, immensely worried about her health, her family has appealed to the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, desperately seeking medical help.