3,000 prisoners escaped from Congo jail

3,000 prisoners escaped from Congo jail

More than 3,000 prisoners are believed to have escaped from the main prison in Democratic Republic of Congo, security sources have told the BBC. The authorities say only around 50 prisoners got away when armed men attacked the prison on Wednesday.

The security sources also said dozens of people were killed during the attack on Makala prison.
Ne Muanda Nsemi, leader of the political-religious sect Bundu Dia Kongo, is among those who escaped.

A police spokesperson told a local radio station, Radio Okapi, that the prisoners were dangerous, and called for anyone who saw them to tell the authorities. The sources say that around half of the prison’s inmates fled during the attack.

Government officials say a police officer and at least five attackers were killed, while several sources say that up to 100 died.

Source : PTI

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