3 Tamil university students arrested for gang raping Polish girl in UK

3 Tamil university students arrested for gang raping Polish girl in UK

UK, LIVERPOOL: Three Srilankan origin Tamil University students were arrested in London – England last sunday, for gang raping a 19 year old Polish woman. Now they face minimum 12 years behind bars for the shocking assault. The local metro reported that the trio first offered her a free drink then they took young student a ride home after a night out (Soho nightclub). They then drove her back to their flat, and despite her numerous pleas to let her go, they took turns raping her and one of them even recorded the attack on his mobile phone, the media reported.

According to local authorities all 3 were University Postgraduates, the names not been disclosed for security reason until the trial is terminated, however Police today praised the woman’s courage by saying “The victim in this case deserves huge credit for the courage she has shown throughout this ordeal”.

Source : PTI

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