The 3 strangest things we’ve left on the moon

Humans tend to leave junk wherever we go. Here are 3 of the weirdest things we've left on the moon so far.

The 3 strangest things we’ve left on the moon

The moon is no exception. It’s estimated that we’ve left nearly 400,000 pounds of stuff on the moon over the course of dozens of human and uncrewed missions. Most of the objects are simply defunct spacecrafts, probes, and rockets, intentionally crashed into the moon’s surface after their missions were over. But there are also a handful of stranger things on the moon: art projects, sporting goods, and even bags of feces.

1) 96 bags of urine and feces


During the Apollo missions, astronauts had to poop and pee, just like we all do on Earth. So even though it might sound like a hoax, there really are 96 bags used to collect these body fluids (some full, some empty) sitting around on the moon’s surface after all these years — left behind by astronauts to lighten their craft’s load, compensating for the lunar rocks they’d brought aboard.


2) 12 pairs of space boots


At the conclusion of Apollo 11, apart from bags of body fluids, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin also lightened their load by leaving behind about 100 objects they no longer needed. The stash included space boots, cameras, tools, and film.
3) Two golf balls


Alan Shepard famously brought the head of a six-iron golf club on the Apollo 14 mission, attached it to a tool intended to scoop lunar soil, and shagged a few balls.

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