3 Sri Lankan Tamils arrested in UK on suspicion of rape

3 Sri Lankan Tamils arrested in UK on suspicion of rape

Three Sri Lankan Tamils are on trial in UK on charges of abducting a 18-year-old woman from her house to a remote farm, where they took turns in raping her before deciding to sell her, local paper reported.

The three denied the charges and said they paid her to sleep with them but a medical report presented to court showed the woman had bruises on her body, which proves that she tried to defend herself, the local paper reported.

The woman told court the three came to her house and told her they had found a job for her and that she should come with them. She said that they took her to a remote farm, locked her in a room and took turns in raping her. “She said that one of them later phoned a friend and offered to sell her to him,”.

Police officers were at the scene on Tuesday morning carrying out investigations at the scene, where a forensics tent had been put in place.

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