25 ‘worst’ passwords of 2014

25 ‘worst’ passwords of 2014

Online security still remains a mirage. Web security firm SplashData recently released its annual list of 25 most commonly used passwords on the internet. The list compiled from more than 3.3 million leaked passwords during 2014 shows that even such brazen hacking incidents have failed to wake up the majority of netizens globally.

Like in the earlier lists, simple numeric passwords remain commonplace, with nine of the top 25 passwords in the 2014 list comprising numbers only. There are some new entries too in the list, which — as expected — are easy-to-guess words.

Here are the 25 ‘worst’ passwords of 2014.

1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345
4. 12345678
5. qwerty
6. 1234567890
7. 1234
8. baseball
9. dragon
10. football
11. 1234567
12. monkey
13. letmein
14. abc123
15. 111111
16. mustang
17. access
18. shadow
19. master
20. michael
21. superman
22. 696969
23. 123123
24. batman
25. trustno1

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