Hackers took advantage of my Twitter to create drama, says Suchitra

Hackers took advantage of my Twitter to create drama, says Suchitra

Suchitra’s Twitter account has been posting pictures from Kollywood parties- where we see celebs having a good time- and calling it ‘leaks’. The news became a trend on Twitter, when questionable video of actresses were posted. Suchitra said that her account has been hacked in the Twitter bio, and later deactivated it. Her husband, Karthik, shared a video on his account, and we saw there was more to this story than what met the eyes.

In the video Karthik said, “People have been mentioning her tweets in not so positive way. I have been honest enough to tell them, it is indicative of a certain emotional state we are all trying to understand and address.” But now Suchitra has come out and spoken up about the whole drama. According to a report on a entertainment portal, Suchitra claimed that she is getting divorced from him. “Karthik is a wonderful person. He has virtues of Lord Rama. I know we are going through a divorce. It’s very painful for all of us concerned but it is due to some unsolvable problems. I was hospitalised. I was forcibly taken to the hospital but it was connected to my divorce.” she said in a telephonic conversation with a Tamil news channel.

She also cleared the air around the whole leak that happened. “I had more than 4 lakh followers on my Twitter page but was not a verified account, so it was not well protected. Some hackers took advantage of it and used my Twitter handle to stage this whole drama.” she said.

So, should we give Suchita benefit of the doubt. The pictures in question have not showed us anything new, and, maybe not popular, were somewhere available on internet. The majority of the videos posted which became viral were done by fake accounts. So, it was hardly a ‘leak’ as such. We will wait and see what this whole case of Suchi Leaks has in store for us, next.

Source : Via Kollyspy

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