2 year old girl raped and killed in Sri Lanka

2 year old girl raped and killed in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A two year old girl was raped and murdered in Sri Lankan capital of Colombo on Thursday, the Police Media Unit told Ceylon Today. Found in a lodge in Colombo, the girl had died when she was admitted to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital by her mother. The mother, accompanied by another woman and man, had come to Colombo from Hatton in search of a job and were living in a lodge.

The mother had been forced to resort to prostitution to earn livelihood while the child was left behind with the female friend and her male partner. When mother returned home in the evening, the girl was handed over to her by the man. The mother then noticed that the child looked pale and weak and her neck had collapsed at an odd angle.

She soon admitted her to the hospital and it was revealed that the child was raped and killed two hours prior to her coming home. The female friend and man, who have been suspected of the crime, fled the area.

The post-mortem examination has been conducted and the body remains at the Colombo National Hospital. The Kotahena Police are carrying out further investigations into this incident.

Source : PTI

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