180 dead in Nepal monsoon floods

180 dead in Nepal monsoon floods

Authorities in Nepal and neighbouring India have sent food, medical supplies and tents to areas where monsoon floods have displaced thousands and killed at least 180 people in recent days.

Four helicopters with relief supplies and medical workers were sent to cut-off villages in western Nepal, Jhanka Nath Dhakal of the National Emergency Operation Centre said. Most roads into the area are submerged or damaged by flooding, preventing vehicles from passing.

Thousands of people are without shelter in 10 flooded districts, and local officials have distributed rice and lentils and cooking pots to people who lost their homes. The area is mainly farmland where the poor live in mud and straw huts that wash away easily.

At least 100 people have died in Nepal since Thursday, and at least 84 have died in neighbouring India due to torrential rains or overflowing rivers after dams were opened in Nepal, authorities said.

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