11-year-old schoolgirl commits suicide because of homework

Schoolgirl Yu Liao jumped from the seventh storey balcony of her home and died at the scene...

11-year-old schoolgirl commits suicide because of homework

CHINA: Yu Liao’s mum Yu Shen, 39, was so humiliated by her daughter’s behaviour that she yelled at her in the school office, according to reports, and was then given permission to take the girl home to finish her homework.

The shocked mum told local media, “I was really upset that my daughter who is usually very obedient did not do her homework as the teacher had instructed. I scolded her on the way home to make sure she didn’t repeat the same mistake again.”

On heir return home, Yu Liao was given another row and, after completing the contentious homework, she later leaped off her balcony, dying almost instantaneously on impact with the road below. Although she was taken to hospital, doctors were unable to revive her after her heart stopped.

Mum Yu Shen, who was treated for shock at the scene, is reported as having said she had witnessed no signs of depression or previous suicidal tendencies in her daughter. She only became aware of her daughter’s catastrophic death when police knocked on her door.

Source : AFP

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