10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Heart

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Heart

Your heart sits there in your chest, diligently pumping oxygen-rich blood to every organ in your body whether you’re sleeping, eating or running a marathon. This glob-like muscle is the universal symbol of love, even though it isn’t shaped like a Valentine heart at all. So what are 10 things you don’t know about your heart?

1. The heart beats around 100,000 times a day. This is over 35 million times a year and around 2.5 billion times in your life.

2. Your heart beats so powerful that in one day it can fi ll a tanker carrying 7,000 liters.

3. A full grown heart weighs about 250 to 300 grams. 

4. Your blood travels with a speed of 11 km/hr. It only takes 22 seconds to fully circulate your body.

5. An adult carries about 5 liters of blood in his body.

6. The heart pumps about 4-5 liters around every minute. 

7. All our veins together have a length of more than 100,000km, equating to 2.5 times around the world. 

8. The heart of an embryo starts beating around the fifth week of the pregnancy.

9. That heartbeat changes per age group; Newborn babies have a heartbeat around 120 beats/min, kids and young adults have a heartbeat around 80-100 beats/min.

10. Adults have a heartbeat around 60-70 beats/min.

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