10 Shocking Facts about McDonald’s That You Didn’t Know

10 Shocking Facts about McDonald’s That You Didn’t Know

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying the success of McDonald’s. 74 years after the fast-food company first started serving customers in California, McDonald’s now has over 34,000 restaurants operating in 119 countries around the world. Worth almost $40 billion, it is the sixth most valuable brand in the world.

1.1 in 8 American workers has been employed by McDonald’s.

2.The Golden Arches of McDonald’s are More Widely Recognised than the Christian Cross.

3.McDonald’s is the world’s largest toy distributor.

4.McDonald’s sells more than 75 hamburgers every second.

5.McDonald’s Employees Can Earn a Degree in Hamburgerology.

6.Their Caesar Salad Contains More Calories than their Cheeseburger.

7.The Queen of England owns a McDonald’s.

8.McDonald’s is richer than Mongolia.

9.Americans consume one billion pounds of beef at McDonald’s every year.

10.It takes the average McDonald’s worker seven months to earn what its CEO makes in one hour.

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