Football fan threw himself under train after losing Euro 2016 bet

Football fan threw himself under train after losing Euro 2016 bet

Fidel Nikitin, 27, from Izhevsk, died after losing gamble that he hoped would allow him to clear all his debts. He left a message on his social media account reading: “Thank you and forgive me.”

The mobile phone salesman walked onto the Ludzya-Izhevskrailway track and did not flinch as the train sounded a warning, said police. The driver said he had no time to stop after seeing the man on the track, it was reported.

Relatives revealed university educated Nikitin was deeply shocked after Portugal beat France to win the tournament. He had taken out a series of loans but was unable to pay them back.

He had hoped winning the bet would allow him to repay his debts.

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